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Classes are influenced by Ace’s birth into the Buddhism culture and the 8 limbs philosophy of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.


Nothing is permanent, the truth is covered with 5 layers of Kosha, like the layers of an onion. 

Packages Available

Drop in​ £12

4 sessions / 30 days package is £38

10 sessions / 3 months package is £100

Unlimited session in 30 days is £60



The Parsonage Farm Infant School, GU14 9TT

The Parsonage Farm School, GU14 9TT,  has private parking for more than 20 cars, and its Cherry Blossom Hall is 7x12 metres allowing for 12 perfectly distanced spaces for yoga mats and practitioners. 

Every MONDAY / 6.30-7.30pm / Yin Yang Yoga

Every SATURDAY / 9.30-10.30am / Yin Yang Yoga


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