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Роман Макогон

Hi Ace, just wanted to say a Big Thank You for bringing me to the next level in Yoga. I have been practicing Yoga for over 20 years, but the five years I spent in your classes have helped me to progress the most! You are an exceptional professional, the best and most dedicated teacher I know of.

Maria D Clements

I would highly recommend Ace and his individually developed yoga practices for various groups. I’ve been practicing yoga with Ace since September 2018 and I would definitely can nominate him as top yoga instructor I have been working with so far. 

In July 2019 I started my new assignment at Fluor and joined Ace’ corporate lunch yoga practices at Village Gym. It was dynamic practices  mixed with deep relaxation exercises. Ace always tries to tailor the practices to groups’ abilities and preferences. Before I visited yoga groups with retired audience so classes were done in comfortable slow pace and light relaxation poses with respect to age and group skills. 


On corporate lunch practices in 2019-2020  our group was 30-45 year old fit students so the lessons were organized with more complicated poses and deep stretches. 


Having 13 years of experience working in office, with 8 hours of sitting at the desk, it so important to pay attention to body practices and yoga was the best method of keeping my back and body healthy  for me so far. 


I would say that Ace and his practices really helped me to feel better, my back pain and stiffness always disappeared  after 1 hour of yoga session. 


I would like to thank Ace for his dedication to yoga, constant development of practices for various groups and purposes .

Larissa Zaporojtchenko

Dear Ace , here is my testimonial : » I joined Ace yoga class years ago via my work together with my colleagues snd this was my first encounter with the real yoga 🧘. We started with the foundation positions and gradually moved to more complex ones . I thoroughly enjoying the sessions twice a week and since then yoga has become part of my life and my main fitness routine . Ace creates an easy and relaxed atmosphere with clear guidance and posture adjustments. I would say he is the master of his trade . «

Dina Son

I used to attend Ace’s yoga classes during lunch with my ex colleagues before Covid. Everybody else had been going there for a while before I joined them. I had never really been into yoga, I was more into the gym. Besides, there was so much work that I thought of yoga during lunch break as a luxury. And I was so wrong! This is exactly what I should have started earlier, to help tackle the consequences of such high pressure and stress at work. 

Ace is a natural, he has a very calming and positive energy, his voice is so soothing. He is highly professional and during that period I actually understood  what yoga was about. I literally could feel my body getting stronger and more flexible, my back pains were gone completely. 

When Covid hit, I joined his online classes which was a great substitution for that time.

I wish I lived somewhere near where he lives, to be able to attend his live classes. I tried other teachers but never could get the same vibe and same feelings after the session. I would highly recommend Ace to anyone who wants to do yoga. Especially to those who work hard in the office, spending most of the time at the computer. Its effect on your physical and mental state is really worth it!

Nika Melnikov

Hi Ace, please see below and let me know if you need me to make changes to the text:


I joined lunchtime yoga classes as a mature student when I was working at Fluor in Farnborough, after hearing my colleagues talking about how wonderful the teacher is and how great they feel after his classes. My previous attempts to start yoga had failed as I had never been able to find the teacher who was right for me. Ace is certainly the one. I attended Ace’s on-site  lunchtime yoga classes for four years more or less religiously, even making every effort to plan my office day around my cherished yoga session when possible. I can only imagine how difficult it may be for a yoga teacher run the class when some people arrive a bit later and need to leave a little earlier due to work commitments, but every class was run smoothly and highly professionally, with no disruptions. Although people in the group were at different “yoga levels”, with some like me just starting, Ace always managed to have a very well structured smooth stream of moves planned providing individual advice and correction in a most gentle and discreet manner. Ace has a wonderful ability to make people relax and concentrate on enjoying yoga. Everyone wants to learn and progress and does not feel any discomfort practicing together in a group setting. Yoga is a wonderful exercise for all and especially in a stressful office environment. Ace’s yoga sessions are structured in such a clever way that everyone manages to get the most of the session regardless of the length of time allowed by work commitments and they definitely help to prevent some of main office syndromes we all sadly suffer. Ace’s yoga classes provide calm space not only for physical exercise but most importantly to clear the mind and have time for mediation which helps mental health. I highly recommend Ace’s on-site yoga sessions and believe that they are great value both physically and mentally and help prevent mental burnout, office fatigue, not to mention various physical problems arising spending long hours at a desk on the computer and using the mouse.



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