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“I walked into the first class without any idea of how it would be. The postures seemed like torture, and it was not the love at the first sight. It was a struggle. They left me in pain and feeling stiff the next morning. However, as the teacher had said, “come back again tomorrow and repeat your pain”, I was curious, so I returned. It was amazing. Fifteen minutes after the second class began, I felt great, away from the old pain. I have learnt not to try too hard and practice made me feel good instead of sore. It was nice after all and I realized that my three years of suffering insomnia had been healed, without my notice and without any medication. Yoga helped me, without any doctors, just me moving my body with breath and awareness. It must be something more than just an exercise in Yoga. The journey is worth it.” 


Ace Pittapan - Health Skilled Co-Founder

Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Trainer accredited Yoga Alliance professionals UK​


In 2003, Ace made a decision to start a first yoga practice and after 6 years of disciplined everyday practice he pursued yoga teaching as his dream career. With recognition as a senior yoga teacher, accredited Yoga Alliance Professional UK, Ace follows the traditional teaching style 'teach what you practice', blending modern scientific knowledge with solidified yoga experience.  

His instruction of yoga has been influenced by several teachers he has studied with.  Besides several yoga certifications, Ace also holds Pilates certification, including therapeutic techniques for correcting postural faults, integrating this extra knowledge into his yoga teaching.  Ace's private yoga class practice includes assistance with physical stretching, pressing, moving or touching while students are in yoga asanas. His aim is to take students deeper in the asana, correct postural misalignments, and encourage exploration and greater movement. 

My services:


* Students must complete 200 hours of training, which includes some self-study.

The 200 hours can include prior relevant training.

* Hybrid learning opportunities to complete the course. You can expect the total budget to be between £3000 and £4000 depending on the duration taken to complete the course. 


* Peer-to-peer learning. Once you start on the course you will become part of Ace’s YTT alumni of previous and current students. 

* Flexibility in the course duration. 

* CPD Workshops for Yoga Teachers: Online and On-site

Yin Yang Yoga

Yoga in GU14

Yin-Yang Yoga : All Levels 

Monday 6.30-7.30pm, Saturday 9.30-10.30am.



Parsonage Farm School,

GU14 9TT

Through a Vinyasa Flow, Ace uses Yin and Yang energy. From careful observation of himself and students to create 60 minutes of flow that increases your energy and then calms it down.


Please get in touch for Private Yoga Classes. 




Our Retreats will be simple, we will do yoga and have a great time.

Information about our next Retreat coming soon!

Yoga Online


My Online Classes are for members who want to practice at their own time. 


Member access costs £15 per month. Health-Skilled's Gold Members and 10 times / 3 months package members access free. 

Subscription with is required.

Yin Yang Yoga

I’ve attended Ace’s classes for a couple of years, and through his teaching have developed my technique and my confidence has grown. Ace is brilliant at breaking down the moves, making it easy for all levels to participate with options for starters and also for the more experienced. The atmosphere in class is friendly and relaxed with individuals focusing on their own practice and what is right for them that day. Ace is an excellent teacher for people of all levels!

Alexa Smith

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