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“I walked into the first class without any idea of how it would be.

The postures seemed like torture, and it was not the love at the first sight. It was a struggle.

They left me in pain and feeling stiff the next morning.

However, as the teacher had said, “come back again tomorrow and repeat your pain”,

I was curious, so I returned. It was amazing. Fifteen minutes after the second class began, I felt great, away from the old pain.

I have learnt not to try too hard and practice made me feel good instead of sore.

It was nice after all and I realized that my three years of suffering insomnia had been healed, without my notice and without any medication.

Yoga helped me, without any doctors, just me moving my body with breath and awareness. It must be something more than just an exercise in Yoga.

The journal is worth it.”


Ace Pittapan 


Ace Pittapan was born in Thailand. He first started practicing yoga in the middle of 2004. Yoga was introduced to him by a friend as a most suitable remedy to cure his insomia. After months of practicing regularly, he realised that his insomnia had stopped.


Ace has practised yoga with different teachers, including different styles of yoga, meditation, including Pilates and Thai massage. Ace has combined this knowledge and designed flow movement sessions that maximise the benefits of Hatha-Vinyasa yoga. He moved to Farnborough, and provides yoga classes in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK since 2011.


His instruction of yoga was influenced by several teachers he had been studying with. Besides several yoga certifications, Ace also holds some certification of pilates, including therapeutic techniques for correcting some postural faults and he often mixes that extra knowledge into his yoga teaching.  Ace's private yoga class practice, thus, includes assistance with the act of physically stretching, pressing, moving or touching while students are in yoga asanas. His aim in assisting is to take students deeper in the asana, correct postural misalignments, and encourage exploration and greater movement.