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Yoga Teacher Training 2021

200 hours Foundation Programme


Workplace Yoga in Farnborough GU14, and near by.
Workplace Yoga in Farnborough GU14, and near by.

Yoga Teacher Training & Certification by ACE PITTAPAN Policy Documents

This programme is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals






Applicants must have at least two years of consistent yoga practice experience. A letter of recommendation from a yoga teacher may be required with the application. 


Certification as a Yoga Teacher from Ace Pittapan is not automatic and will require delivery of example classes and a written synopsis of certain modules.




A non-refundable deposit of £500 is required to secure a place on the programme and should be paid at the time of registration. 


The balance of the Full Fee must be paid a minimum of 14 days before the start of the programme.


The balance of the Early Bird Discount must be paid by 3 months before the start of the programme otherwise the full fee will be required.


Students who have not paid in full before the start of the programme cannot join the programme. 


In the event of cancellation by Ace Pittapan, any monies received will be returned subject to the Cancellation and Refund Policy.       




The programme fee includes Yoga Teacher Training led by a qualified Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher.


Free access to Ace Pittapan's yoga online sessions on Zoom and post-classes will be recorded at


The programme fee includes some notes or hand-outs, as this programme emphasises learning through participation, discussion and training. Students are expected to take their own notes as necessary. The fee excludes flights, accommodation, food and own personal expenses if students attend on-site.




(please see more details in the programme contents)


Module 1 :  Fundamentals of Yoga 

Contact time : 50 hours.


Module 2 : Modern Yoga.

Contact time : 48 hours.


Module 3 : Scouting and Mentoring.

Contact time : 60 hours.


Module 4 : Train to Teach I

Contact time : 20 hours.


Module 5 : Train to Teach II.

Contact time : 8 hours.


Module 6 : Train to Teach III.

Contact time : 16 hours.




Students must attend 90% of the programme sessions to pass the programme.


However, students must agree to familiarise themselves with the content of missed sessions prior to the next group session. Extra training hours for student’s missed hours with Ace Pittapan will be charged at £50 per hour.


Students are expected to be punctual in attending all sessions, demonstrate a willingness to learn and to allow others to learn, engage and participate in all learning and training, maintain respectful conduct towards all their fellow students and to the trainers.




If students have any health concerns that may result in problems to practice yoga, students agree to contact Ace Pittapan before starting the programme or commencing any part of it. 






As part of this course, we will pass the name, email address and telephone number of students to Yoga Alliance Professionals*. They will contact the students about membership. Students can speak to Ace Pittapan about the benefits of membership. Students have the option of opting out of this registration process.


*CONSENT FORM will be sent once students submit a Registration.





This Code of Conduct is a summation and declaration of acceptable, ethical and professional behaviour by which all Yoga Alliance Professionals comply with and Affiliated Yoga Teachers agree to conduct the teaching and business of Yoga.



As a student of this Yoga Teacher Training Programme by Ace Pittapan, students agree to uphold the ethical goals set forth in the following Code of Conduct:


To ensure that safe and effective teaching is available to the public. 

To provide the public with access to safe and effective yoga teachers. 

Uphold the integrity of my vocation by conducting myself in a professional and conscientious manner.  

Acknowledge the limitations of my skills and scope of practice and, where possible, refer students to seek alternative instruction, advice, treatment or direction. 

Create and maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the practice of yoga. 

Encourage diversity actively by respecting all students regardless of age, physical limitations, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. 

Respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all students.

Avoid words and actions that constitute sexual harassment. 

Follow all local government and national laws that pertain to my yoga teaching and business.


Students agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions (as set out in this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training) and requirements as set out in the programme syllabus. Students furthermore vow to uphold the standards of the teachings students have been given and to maintain and promote the good name of yoga at all times. Students accept that failure to do so may lead to the annulment any accreditation obtained from Ace Pittapan and/or Yoga Alliance Professionals.







All complaints will be investigated fully and fairly. Complaints will be dealt with in confidence. The only exception to this would be if others could be put at risk by matters referred to in the complaint. If the complainant is not happy with the result of the response to the complaint, they have the right to appeal to the yoga teachers’ industry body Yoga Alliance Professionals.




There are three stages to follow to try and resolve the issue as soon as possible. You may wish to involve an advocate, friend or someone else to support you at any stage. If you need a sign language or community interpreter every reasonable effort will be made to provide it.


Stage One

Speak to the individual(s) concerned and try to resolve the complaint informally on the day.


If you are not satisfied with the response you have received, try to resolve the issue by following stage two.


Stage Two

Outline the details of your complaint in writing and send it to Ace Pittapan by email ( or letter to the following address:


Ace Pittapan

29 Broadmead



GU14 0RJ




Your complaint will be acknowledged within 3 working days from the date it is received. The response will contain the following information:

The date the incident happened. 

What support you can expect to receive during the process of the complaint.

An expected response date.



Once your complaint has been reviewed you will receive a response that will include the following information:

Details of the investigation.

A decision about whether the complaint was upheld or not.

The reason for the decision.

The re-dress, if appropriate, which will be offered to you. For example, an apology, additional help or directing you to other sources of advice or support.

Any other action that may be taken in light of the complaint. If it is not possible to provide a full answer to your complaint within 30 working days, the letter will outline reasons why and give a date by which a full answer is expected.



Stage Three

In the event that you are still dissatisfied with the outcome, please contact Yoga Alliance Professionals by telephone (0131 659 9922) or via their website:




This Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour Foundation Course is designed to allow students to study Full-Time and become certified within 4 months or Part-Time to be certified in no longer than 18 months.



Full-Time Students should pay the full amount of the course fee before 15th August  2021



Part-Time Students should pay the full amount of the course fee before 15th August  2021. 


Students who wish to break the full payment into a several payments please contact Ace Pittapan to discuss.






Deposit Payment Dates : A deposit of £500 must be paid at the time of registration for the programme. All deposits are non-refundable.


Balance of Payment Dates : The outstanding balance of the full fee should be paid before 15th August 2021 


In order to qualify for the Early Bird Discount, the deposit must be paid by 31st April 2021, otherwise the full fee will be required. 


Students who have not paid in full cannot join the programme. 



Cancellation by the Student

A student may cancel prior to the start of the programme due to a serious medical issue to themselves or bereavement of a close family member (spouse, child or parent). Under these circumstances, all fees less the deposit will be refunded in full. Evidence of the above circumstances will be required before such a refund is made.


Cancellations for any other reason may be made before the start of the programme. In this case, 50% of fees paid to date, less the deposit, will be refunded.


Cancellations made after the start of the programme will not be refunded.



Cancellation by Ace Pittapan

Ace Pittapan reserves the right to cancel the programme prior to commencement. In this event the fees will be refunded in full, but not any other costs and expenses such as accommodation, travel/flight costs and personal expenses already incurred by the student.



Cancellation Procedure 

All cancellations, with supporting evidence as necessary, must be made in writing by registered post to:


Ace Pittapan

29 Broadmead



GU14 0RJ

Workplace Yoga in Farnborough GU14, and near by.
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