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"Yoga is martial arts for the soul. 

The greatest opponent is your ego. It is true that several of us

start our yoga practice with asanas, but the posture is not

the only thing in store for us. 


We tend to over think things and take part in

an on-going inner conversation in our minds.

It is in our human nature to be competitive; we peek

over at the grass next door and think it is a lot greener than ours. 

We regret our past and dream of the future but think

nothing of the present moment."

Public Class

Suitable for all levels.


Three classes a week at

the Parsonage Farm School, Farnborough, Hants GU14 9TT, UK








Option 1 : £150 valid ninety days for the Unlimited number of practice, or as cheap as £4.16 per class. This package start counting from the day money received.

This package is suitale for a regular weekly practice of ONE or TWO or THREE class.


Option 2 : £80 for a brick of 10 classes, valid 12 weeks, start counting from 1st class of your practice. This package is suitable for a regular practice ONE a week. 


Option 3 : £10 for a drop in practice.



06.30 - 07.45 pm

06.30 - 07.45 pm

09.30 - 10.45 am

Yoga for Corporation

What can employers do?


Employees thrive and stay committed to their places of employment when they feel valued. Health and wellness programmes do more than just increase productivity, they create employees dedicated to their company who are less likely to leave and go work for a competitor. A programme work best when there is participation from all levels of the corporate structure. Having secretaries, their managers and executives all taking part in the programme together does wonders to increase a feeling of togetherness.


Charge rates vary according to location, frequency, and numbers attending. Please do contact me to discuss.

Private Service


One-on-One or a group upto five at the price of ONE, a class tailored to your individual needs arranged at your own place in Farnborough, Fleet, Camberley. A 60-75 minute of Beginner or Intermediate session will cost from £50.00 depending on the travelling time and the distance.