Yin & Yang : 

Chinese Meridians for Fluid Flows in Yoga.

Meridians in the body have a specific route through the body, the 6 Yang meridians and the 6 Yin meridians connect directly or indirectly to each other.  Ancient Chinese knowledge believes Yin calms Yang and Yang heals Yin. 


In this 6 hour workshop, unlike others in Yin Yoga, Ace blends the Yoga Asanas and Pranayama of Hatha-Vinyasa with the Yin and Yang energy flowIng within the 12 Chinese Meridian lines in our body with guidance to what is the therapeutic purpose in each pose. 


Day I  (three hours) : 

  • Understanding of Yin and Yang energy flow, when Yin Yoga is not Yoga where you hold the position for 5 minutes anymore.

  • Yoga asanas which connect to the six Yin energy lines that heal the emotional body.


Day II (three hours) :

  • Yoga without Prana is just an exercise. Today we will understand and connect the fluid flow of Yang energy & Prana. 

  • Yoga asanas that connect the six Yang energy lines that heal the physical body.

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