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"Yoga is martial arts for the soul. 

The greatest opponent is your ego. It is true that several of us

start our yoga practice with asanas, but the posture is not

the only thing in store for us. 


We tend to over think things and take part in

an on-going inner conversation in our minds.

It is in our human nature to be competitive; we peek

over at the grass next door and think it is a lot greener than ours. 

We regret our past and dream of the future but think

nothing of the present moment."

Fundamentals of Yoga.

A 3 hour workshop for beginners.

Date : TBA

During your first time practicing yoga do you get lost in the mixed ability class? This short workshop is for you to make your second class manageable. 


Biomechanics :

the Revolution of Movements in Yoga.

A CPD workshop for Yoga Teachers. 

Date : TBA

Nothing is "One Size Fits All" so the picture perfect image of yoga asanas on posters maybe not for your students. 


Yin & Yang : 

Chinese Meridians for Fluid Flows in Yoga.

A CPD workshop for Yoga Teachers.

Date : TBA

In Chinese Meridians, Yin heals Yang whilst Yang energises Yin, both are working in harmony to create the fluid flow of therapeutic energy. 


Yoga for Therapy

the alternate to Teacher Training, this courses is CPD for Yoga Teachers

or self-therapy for individuals.

Date : TBA

Accredited and endorsed by Health-Skilled, the course includes several workshops from health and holistic industry peers.

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