until 30th April 2020, after that is £375

16th-19th Oct 20



Samsara is a Sanskrit word mean the Circle of Life, a temporary circle of every incident. 2 yoga teachers and 1 Nutritionist work together in the harmony of Yin and Yang melody creating the flow of 8 Yoga Sessions and 9 Nutrition meals for the Healthy Ageing Retreat.


Day 1 (Friday afternoon & evening) 


Late afternoon arrival Welcome (herbal teas for hydration, energy balls).

Introduction: Basic biology of ageing
Yoga session.

Dinner: healthy menu featuring foods to be discussed over next two days. 

Vipassana Meditation 


Day 2 (Saturday) 


Breakfast or welcome drinks and energy snacks if guests stay at B&Bs.

Bone health talk

Yoga session 

Lunch: menu focusing on bone health
Digestive health talk

Yoga session 

Dinner: menu focusing on bone and digestive health.

Yoga Nidra


Day 3 (Sunday) 


Breakfast or welcome drinks and energy snacks if guests stay at B&Bs 

Heart health talk

Yoga session

Lunch: menu focusing on heart health 

Brain health talk

Yoga session

Dinner: menu focusing on heart and brain health.

Vipassana Meditation


Day 4 (Monday) 


Breakfast or welcome drinks and energy snacks if guests stay at B&Bs 

Hormonal health talk (Endocrine system) 

Yoga session

Lunch: menu focusing on the whole of the topics from the weekend 

Closing remarks
Guests leave after lunch 

NOTE ; the retreat fee excludes accommodation and transportation. Fee includes 9 meals and 8 yoga sessions only. 


The nearest town to Sampford Courtenay is North Tawton which is approximate 15 minutes driving. BBs in North Tawton, and Okehampton cost between £30 - £60 per night per person.


Ace Pittapan was born in Thailand. He first started practicing yoga in the middle of 2003. Yoga was introduced to him by a friend as the most suitable remedy to cure his insomnia. After months of practicing regularly, he realised that his insomnia had stopped.


Ace has practiced and studied yoga with different teachers to cover a variety of styles of yoga and meditation, as well as additional studies in Pilates and Thai massage. Ace has combined this diverse knowledge and designed flow movement sessions that maximise the benefits of Hatha-Vinyasa yoga. Currently, he is a Senior Yoga Teacher & Trainer accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and Trainer & Editor for Yoga Elements Thailand Coop.

Gozel Gardiner 

“Yoga is not just about fitness, it is a life style”-- Gozel is a yoga teacher with over 7 years of experience in yoga. In 2018 she successfully completed 200-hours of Yoga Alliance UK YTT and acquired an in depth knowledge about asanas, breathing techniques and meditation elements of yoga. During her teaching she has created an environment where students feel supported, encouraged, and safe. Gozel remains sensitive to students individual needs and goals at all times. 


Her class themes are filled with yoga philosophy, inspirational quotes, and simple concepts, designed to inspire and motivate students. She has a passion and dedication for the art of yoga and everything she has learned she “brings it on the yoga mat”. 

Dr Trevor George has a PhD in nutritional science with 15 years of experience in clinical research investigating heart health and blood vessel function as well as running dietary intervention trials to prevent diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.


He was a university lecturer for over 7 years initially at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Northumbria University and then at the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine at King’s College London.

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