200 hours Foundation Programme

Yoga Teacher Training 2021

Yoga Alliance Professional UK approved. A 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training. A 200 hours Yoga Foundation Programme. AcePittapan's Yoga Thingy. www.acepittapan.com , www.acepittapan.co.uk Yoga in Fleet. Yoga in Farnborough. Yoga in Camberley.

from 1st September 2021 to 29th January 2022

after that £2750

Early Booking £2500 until 30th April 2021



6 years after my first yoga class in 2003, I decided to take the first step into teaching yoga. I attended a certified 9 month 260 hour Master of Practice weekend course with Adrian Cox and later in the same year a 4 week Intensive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Larry Schultz. 


On my first day at the Master of Practice Course, Adrian asked everyone what their intended reason was for taking the course, my answer was that I want to use yoga as an alternative form of rehabilitation for people with impaired mobility. Since then, throughout my yoga teaching journey, I have sought more knowledge that can help me to help them. I chose to go deeper and deeper into what techniques can be used by those who practice yoga with me.


A few years ago, I thought I’ll expand what I have learned and rather than going in depth with my class members actually going horizontal by training people to teach yoga. This 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Foundation course then started to develop. I like to have this 200 hours as just a foundation, a simple white place of yoga where new potential yoga teachers can draw their own future journey. Therefore, I don’t just provide classic Yoga, but also modern yoga blended with science, some extra tips from industry specialists, and some trouble shooting for issues that can occur when teaching. One says the real journey begins not when you take the YTT but once you first start your teaching. I encourage my students to teach and I shall continue mentoring them as a teacher and as a friend. 

fully hybrid

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2021 will be hybrid, delivery into three fashions;


1. Fully interactive Online for a distance learners with Live Stream on Zoom including pre-records and post-recorded for reviews or catching up. This suitable for student who are not Farnborough or Hampshire distance, or students who are still in their insolation.

2. On-Site Study, a full contact at the providing venue. However, this is limited to only 15 students maximum. Students are required to inform Ace at his/her registration if this option is their choice.

3. A mixture between Online and On-Site. I understand that time to time, there will be personal situations disrupted the studying. Though students registered On-Site study student can study with Live Stream on Zoom as alternative when needed. 


There is no price different between three study optionals. 

Ace Pittapan


Ace Pittapan

Ace is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Trainer accredited Yoga Alliance professionals UK

Before yoga Ace  was part ed of the World Class health related events organiser. Until 2003, he made a decision to start a first yoga practice and after 6 years of disciplinary everyday practice he pursued yoga teaching as his dream career. With the recognition as a senior yoga teacher and trainer accredited Yoga Alliance Professional UK, Ace follow the traditional teaching style 'teach what you practiced' with blend-in modern scientific knowledge solidified yoga mysterious.  



for Yoga Teachers

Collaborate with specialists from Health-Skilled, Ace's CPD Workshops based on scientific facts.  


online & on-site

Ace has combined this knowledge and designed flow movement sessions that maximise the benefits of Hatha-Vinyasa yoga.