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Yin and Yang are believed to be opposing, but balancing, forces: calming and energetic, building up and breaking down. 

Yang yoga is dynamic and intense. Yin yoga is calming and restorative. The ability to practise both of these comes from the nutrients in the food we eat. Digestion involves breaking down food to release nutrients which are then absorbed to nourish and repair the body. 

Highlights of this one day retreat:

Energising welcome drink & snacks

Yang yoga opening practice

Introduction to healthy digestion

Eating for exercise & recovery

Yin & Yang inspired lunch

Yin yoga practice

Restorative drinks & snacks



until 15 July 2019

after that £105 

Jointly facilitated by

Ace Pittapan

Ace is a certified Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Trainer with Yoga Professional UK. He started his first yoga session in early 2003, and started his first teaching in 2009. With his solid yoga certifications of 260 hours of Master of Practice  in 2009 and later 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in 2010, including Pilates, Anatomy of Movements, Reiki and Thai Massage training on his yoga journey  proved his true passion in yoga teaching.

Dr Trevor George RNutr

Trevor is a Registered Nutritionist with a PhD in Nutritional Science. He has been a lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics and a senior lecturer in Food Science and Human Nutrition. His research focused on the effects of phytochemicals from edible plants on chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Saturday 7th September 2019
10.00-16.00hr at Chichester Hall Witley, GU8 5PL