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Sat 21 - Sun 22 July

at Cowdray Hall, Midhurst GU29 0AW

    EARLYBIRD £150   

until 15th June 2018

after that £180

Price includes lunches on 21st and 22nd July on site, excludes hotel accommodation.

Some people have expressed an interest in the workshop & retreat, but are unable to attend both days. Consequently, we have decided to offer both days separately. Although the two days are intended to flow together, you will still experience aspects of Vipassana Vinyasa and Ayurveda if you come for just one of the days.

Each day of  Ayurveda Workshop & Yoga Retreat costs is £90.

An early bird price of £150 is available for enrolling on both days until 15th June 2018.

Price excluded accommodation.

Yoga & Ayurveda, Workshop & Retreat


21st July: Day 1

The system of Chakras in Yoga & Ayurveda has recently revealed its secrets among the yoga peers. In the first day of the yoga workshop, Ace will use his long-term research to unveil the mystery of how Chakras work towards our health. The three 60-minute sessions will take you into the practice of how Vipassana Meditation canWe will use Vipassana to become familiar with the Vagus nerve system throughout the whole body, one part of the body at a time. The three 60-minute Vipassana Vinyasa workshops will give enough time to observe the connection between our consciousness and parasympathetic system. 
Vagus Nerve Awarenesswakeup the Chakra system, hence benefitting your home practice after the workshop.


Day 1 will cover the Ayurvedic concept of the three doshas. These are believed to be the three substances that define every person makeup. During the Ayurvedic Nutrition workshop you will be able to work out your own main dosha. Knowing your dosha can help you to follow Ayurvedic principles to live a healthier, more balanced life. During lunch, you will be able to try dosha-specific dishes. Dr George will also compare how modern nutrition knowledge relates to the effects of these dietary suggestions.


Plan for Day 1

10:00 Welcome & Introduction.

10:30 1st Yoga session: Understand the truth of the surreal Chakra system through understandable explanations and find their locations in your own body.

11:30 Introduction to Ayurveda and explanation of the three Doshas.

12:00 Practical session to determine your own Dosha.

12:30 Lunch with a Dosha-inspired menu.

13:30 Exploring Ayurvedic dietary principles. Comparing Ayurvedic dietary advice to modern nutritional science.


14:30 2nd & 3rd Yoga sessions: The Chinese concept of Chi energy is younger, but when compatible to the Chakra system of India, it extends the 7 Chakras by a further 6 main trigger points. It is believed that there is a link between these trigger points and the vagus nerve. Ongoing research is looking to see if it is possible to wake up paralysed limbs or benefit amputees. We shall slowly explore each of these trigger points before the end of the day.

16:30 End of Day 1


Group dinner in Midhurst in the evening



22nd July: Day 2

We will Bind and Open the channels of the Vagus nerve to the moments of Prana in the gentle flow of yoga in three 60-sessions of Vipassana Vinyasa.

Day 2 will focus on the idea that imbalances in the doshas lead to disease. During the Ayurvedic Nutrition: 

workshop you will be able to determine the current state of your doshas and what Ayurvedic principles can be used to help bring them back into balance. Lunch will include more dosha-specific foods. After lunch, Dr George will discuss the evidence from nutritional science for how these dietary changes may impact disease status.



Plan for Day 2

10:00 Introduction to Day 2.


10:30 1st Yoga session: Understand the movement of some points, some muscles and some fascias through the slow twisting, bending and stretching of the body. The isolation exercise will make you have an idea of how we move in yoga.

11:30 Ayurveda principles that imbalances in the Doshas lead to disease.

12:00 Practical session to determine current imbalances in your own Doshas.

12:30 Lunch with a Dosha-inspired menu.

13:30 Exploring how Ayurvedic dietary principles can be used to correct imbalances in the Doshas and prevent disease.


14:30 2nd & 3rd Yoga sessions: Bind & Open is when we bind the Chakras, Chi and yoga movement together. The 60 minutes of each session with refreshment in between will liberate the blocked up energy in some part of your curiosity.

16:30 End of the workshop